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10 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About Their Business Website

Business Website

10 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About Their Business Website

Last Updated on: January 19th 2020
Posted on: 12th May 2014 | Category: No Comments

10 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About Their Business Website

When is the last time you have picked up the yellow pages to look for the number to a business you want to call? Perhaps it’s to order Pizza or your dog needs to visit the Vet or the latest iPhone is out and you want to find out if it's available yet. If you’re like me and 99% of other people on the planet today you go straight to the internet to search for information about products and businesses. Business Website

Your businesses competitors have realised this a long time ago found a website design company invested in a business website and are reaping the rewards of their diligence and foresight. Below are listed the 10 things your competitors can teach you about their business website.

1) Sales Have Increased Since Launching Our Website

A website is another avenue (and in today’s world becoming crucial to most and to some businesses indispensable) for sales.

2) We See Increased Company Trust From Clients

Customers perceive a company with a website as more trustworthy and more established which ultimately leads to increased revenue.

3) Our Company Visibility Has Increased

Because the internet has no boundaries or traditional restrictions exposure is unlimited and crosses borders, countries and continents (And also across the suburb)

4) We Engage In Marketing From Our Website

Marketing efforts have rallied around websites and include blogging, inbound marketing and social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more traditional marketing also contributes.

5) We Use Our Website As A Brochure To Showcase Our Products And Services

New products and services can be launched from the website and advertised from there through the various marketing channels including social media.

6) All Our Staff And Departments Now Have Personalised Email

Everyone in the company now has a personalised company email address, that means each time an email is sent or received the company is promoted and not Gmail or Yahoo Mail.

7) Customers Are Engaging With Us More Frequently

Customers can now visit the company website and Social Media pages and this is translating into increased loyalty and sales.

8) We Are Seeing An Increase In NEW Customers

New customer numbers will rise and existing customers spend more as they are engaged through the website and social media.

9) We Are Seeing A Higher Return On Investment From Marketing

As the hub of a marketing effort, a website along with social media can increase marketing ROI by exposure to customers without having to spend on things like newspaper, radio and other advertising.

10) Brand Recognition Is Moving Beyond Our Local Community

Before a local business had exposure only to the consumers in the direct area, a company website opens up the whole world to your products and services.

Don’t be left behind. You could be losing out on valuable leads, sales and opportunities by not having your business website. Get your business website as soon as possible.

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