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5 Powerful Dedicated Servers To Boost Your Website

5 Dedicated Servers To Boost Your Website

5 Powerful Dedicated Servers To Boost Your Website

Last Updated on: May 19th 2014
Posted on: 19th May 2014 | Category: No Comments

Powerful Dedicated Servers

Everyone owning a website would love to it hosted on their very own powerful dedicated servers. But alas the cost of a dedicated server is not always warranted. And we then end up choosing a lesser option  to host our website. Powerful Dedicated Servers

Lightning Fast

And a dedicated server is not always the right choice or even the smart choice. But when it is warranted, there is nothing better for your website than it's very own dedicated server! I have a few dedicated servers of my own running and can attest to the satisfaction of seeing your website load in record time or complex scripts running smoothly and with immediate response. Not the mention lightning fast FTP access, those backups are faster than ever!

What Is A Dedicated Server

A website is hosted on a server, most websites in the world run on a shared server and run perfectly fine. Shared web hosting simply means all websites on the server are "sharing" the servers resources like RAM, disk space, internet connection etc. A dedicated server is exactly the same as a shared server except the you can install as many or few websites on there as possible, you control the dedicated server and do with it as you see fit.

Generally busy websites or website running complex applications benefit from a dedicated server.

Having said that, I have websites running on shared hosting that run perfectly well on there and I have no intentions of moving them, and I have other websites on dedicated servers that I would not easily move back to shared hosting (most my websites originally started off on a shared hosting server) and when warranted I moved them to a dedicated server.

Should I Get A Dedicated Server?

Shared web hosting is a great choice for a new website or amateur blog, but if you’re planning on getting serious with your site, you’ll probably end up needing a dedicated server at some point.

Shared servers can often end up slower, crowded and vulnerable especially with unscrupulous web hosting company. Also you have limited control over your website and server. Dedicated servers, while the more expensive option, feature none of those drawbacks and give you as much performance as you need. You also have a wider range of options for control over your site’s server.

If you want a faster, more reliable site or want to add many advanced features, you should seriously consider switching to a dedicated server. Your users will have a much better experience and you’ll likely end up dealing with fewer performance issues.

5 Powerful Dedicated Servers To Boost Your Website

We have a range of 5 powerful dedicated servers ready for any task you can throw at them. Red Hippo uses only Dell and Intel Hardware.

All our dedicated servers include:

  • Genuine Dell and Intel hardware
  • Full root access
  • 100 Mbps data piple
  • Hardware RAID
  • Linux or Windows
  • cPanel or Plesk
  • Unlimited monthly bandwidth
  • 99.99% SLA (Service Level Agreement)
  • FREE set up

View our full range of Dedicated Servers today and give your website the boost it deserves.

Powerful Dedicated Servers

By Athlone Harris-Compton

I enjoy building websites while having a good coffee. Get in touch and let's chat about how I can help you.

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