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Can I Have Email Without A Website

Can I Have Email Without A Website

Can I Have Email Without A Website

Last Updated on: August 30th 2014
Posted on: 30th August 2014 | Category: 2 Comments

That is a resounding yes, and this is how you get email accounts without a website...

The Basics First

A hosting account is space on a server connected to the internet. The hosting account will include a certain amount of space for your website files, a certain number of email accounts and various other features. These features all depend on the particular hosting plan you choose at your hosting company.

A hosting account can be on either the Linux platform or Windows platform. This Linux vs. Windows article on CNET will give more insight. Although the features of each can be very similar there is usually more choice on Linux hosting accounts. Most of the internet runs on Linux, this makes it the natural choice. There is also more support for scripts on Linux than on Windows. In many cases Linux hosting is cheaper than Windows hosting too. But for all intents and purposes, either will do just fine.

For an more in-depth explanation on web hosting read my How Does Website Hosting Work? article

Can I Have Email Without A Website?

I answered a resounding yes, and here it is:

  1. Option 1 - You can get a dedicated email hosting account with only email accounts supported. These accounts don't include web space for your website. These type of accounts work fine and we offer them. They are however sometimes more expensive than a regular hosting account that includes email accounts as part of the plan. And what's more, they usually have far less email accounts than regular hosting.
  2. Option 2 - Regular hosting account with email accounts as part of the plan. These can be had for very cheap and as long as the host is reputable this is the way to go.

How To Get Your Email

  1. Find the best hosting company
  2. Sign-up for their low price hosting plan that includes email accounts - making sure it includes enough email accounts for your needs. Our entry level hosting account comes with 1,000 email accounts. You will also need to register a domain name which is a website address e.g. www.your-business.com or if you already have one transfer it into your new hosting account (something your new host can assist with).
  3. Login to your hosting control panel and create your email accounts - Usually you will be emailed full details and instructions on how to administer your hosting account.
  4. Setup your email account(s) on your email program on your PC or notebook or phone/tablet etc.

You're done! Now you can start using your shiny new email accounts.


By Athlone Harris-Compton

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