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How To Get A Website Without Breaking The Bank

How To Get A Website

How To Get A Website Without Breaking The Bank

Last Updated on: January 19th 2020
Posted on: 10th November 2014 | Category: No Comments

Big companies can afford to pay thousands for a website developer to custom build a website to their needs. For the rest of us we can't always go that route. And in fact, in many cases that's not even necessary. In fact I'd go as far as to say it would be a complete waste, especially if it's not necessary.

How To Get A Website That's Affordable

First it's going take a little effort on your part as you are going to build it yourself. Before you throw your arms up in the air and click the close the browser window, read on.

How To Get A Websites That's AffordableUsing WordPress you can quickly and easily build a website. Whether it's a simple 3 page website or something much more complex, it can be done. Obviously the more complex you go, the higher the learning curve, but it can be done. For our purposes, we are going to use WordPress which is free.

WordPress is the world's favourite way to build a website. With over 20% of all websites on earth running on WordPress, there are a lot of resources available. The are literally tens of thousands of free plugins and themes to use with WordPress. And yes, most of them are absolutely free to use. You can accomplish almost anything with WordPress.

Some of the top businesses in the world rely on WordPress to run their websites including:

So let's get started with how to get a website.

1) Install WordPress

If you want a super easy option, we have a special WordPress Hosting plan that comes with WordPress already pre-installed. For this article I'm going to assume you already have WordPress installed. To learn how to install WordPress read my How To Install WordPress with 1-Click From Any Of Our Hosting Plans article.

 2) Setup Your WordPress Website

Now you'll start customising your website to suite your needs.

To help you we've put together a basic list to resources help you get started with WordPress:

Option 2 - Let Us Build Your Website

There is a second option, we build your WordPress website for you. View our website design options, sit back relax and leave everything to us.

Looking For A Website?

View our WordPress Hosting plan which comes with WordPress pre-installed for you.

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- - -

View our Web Hosting which comes with an easy 1-click installation of WordPress.

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By Athlone Harris-Compton

I enjoy building websites while having a good coffee. Get in touch and let's chat about how I can help you.

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