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10 Clear-Cut Signs You Should Invest In A Business Website

Invest In A Business Website

10 Clear-Cut Signs You Should Invest In A Business Website

Last Updated on: January 19th 2020
Posted on: 17th April 2014 | Category: No Comments

It’s a new world, a digital world, or so they say, but what does that mean?

People still need to eat, drink, sleep, work, buy goods and services just like they have since the earth was created. What’s changed is how people find and buy the things they want to buy, to eat, to drink, wear, drive etc.

Consumers from the very poorest to the super rich are all visiting websites every single day to communicate and this has steadily been affecting the way people purchase. Point in case, even a poor person living in a slum has a cellphone and browses the internet communicating with family and friends and of course, visiting websites and of course "Googling".

Cell Phone Browsing Google

Does your business have an outdated awful looking website that looks like your Granny’s neighbors 15 year old son made it in his basement one Saturday morning 5 years ago for 20 bucks? Or worse does your business not have a presence on the internet?

Does your business need a new website? Read on and see how many of the following signs apply.

1) Business Is Slowing Down But Key Competitors Seem To Be Booming

You've always managed to keep your head above water and even make some money here and there but things just aren't as easy as they were before, you have to do more, spend more to just stay even.

2) Your Staff Seems To Be On Their Phones Or Tablets All Day Long

Yes every business owner has noticed this, it’s what people do, the mobile phone is never more than an arm’s length away browsing websites to check Facebook or Twitter or Google+ or LinkedIn or Pinterest or Instagram etc.

3) Your Spouse Or Better Half Shops For Clothing Online

We don’t go out driving around looking for goods or services anymore, we Google them and get exactly what we want instantly from the business.

4) Your Spouse Or Better Half Orders Take-Out Online

Why bother driving to the pizza store down the road when you can order exactly what you want from your phone and have it delivered all with the click of a button from a website.

5) You’re Still Using That Gmail Or Hotmail Email Address To Do Business From

The only company benefiting from using a Gmail address is, well Gmail. They are getting free advertising and exposure each time you send an email to a client, not your business! Imagine having a shiny new domain name www.your-business.com with a owner@your-business.com email address to go with it? Now who is benefiting?

6) Your Mom Or Even Your Grandmother Is On Her New Tablet You Got Her For Her Last Birthday

This point alone should SHOUT out the need for your business to have a presence online!

7) Your Competitor Down The Road Has His Shiny New Business Website For The Entire World To See

And… they are seeing it.

Let’s face it, everyone but everyone is getting online interacting, communicating, socializing and of course this influences their habits and what they buy, how they perceive businesses and their Woman using iPad tablet computerproducts and services. I can’t think of the last time I didn't go to the internet on my phone to see what time the movie started, or what time that store in the mall opened or what the phone number or address for a particular business was in my area: the list just goes on and on.

More and more we visit a business’ website each time we make a purchase or want to make a purchase, we research our purchases online and what ends up happening is the business with the website is invariably where we end up spending our money.

The question is: can your business afford NOT to have a presence online?

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By Athlone Harris-Compton

I enjoy building websites while having a good coffee. Get in touch and let's chat about how I can help you.

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