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Brand New Military Domain Names Available To Register

Military Domain Names Now Available To Register

Brand New Military Domain Names Available To Register

Last Updated on: August 29th 2014
Posted on: 29th August 2014 | Category: No Comments

Calling all your military buffs out there! Get your military domain names while they're hot.

Along with our slew of new domain names released this year, the latest batch include military domain names!

The Three New Military Domain Names Released Are:

  • .Airforce
  • .Navy
  • .Army

Alongside those are two that snuck in and are valuable for web hosting and many other organisations, they are:

  • .Website
  • .Host
  • .Market
  • .Yokohama

If your'e a regular reader of this blog you will know that ICANN is in the process of releasing about 1,900 new domain names. Red Hippo has added support for just about every one of them. You can view more by visiting these articles:

We are working hard to add support for each one as it is released so keep visiting and subscribe to our blog on any page. And don't forget, there are hundreds more new domain names coming in the next few months. Your choices are better than ever when it comes to securing and registering the perfect domain name for your organisation.

Register Your Military Domain Name

View our extensive list of new domain names and register your military domain names today!

View Military Domain Names

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