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41 Beautiful Brand New Domain Names Available

New Domain Names Available

41 Beautiful Brand New Domain Names Available

Last Updated on: July 30th 2014
Posted on: 30th July 2014 | Category: No Comments

We're adding new domain name extensions at breakneck speed! We already have the biggest selections of new domain names available to register in South Africa. And now with 41 brand new domains added today that's over 100 new domain names added just this month!

New Domain Names Available

  • .berlin
  • .nyc
  • .blackfriday
  • .bio
  • .christmas
  • .city
  • .church
  • .claims
  • .cards
  • .country
  • .exposed
  • .cab
  • .associates
  • .accountants
  • .audio
  • .archi
  • .fm
  • .fr
  • .futbol
  • .glass
  • .gratis
  • .gripe
  • .haus
  • .healthcare
  • .hiphop
  • .immobilien
  • .jetzt
  • .jp
  • .juegos
  • .kaufen
  • .kim
  • .lawyer
  • .nagoya
  • .pro
  • .reisen
  • .replublican
  • .democrat
  • .viajes
  • .webcam
  • .xyz

Why New Domain Extensions?

Previously with the limited .com .net .org .co.za etc. all the good names were already taken. This was causing a problem for new businesses and even established business. To find your domain name of choice you had to be creative and settle for long names. e.g. Let's say you owned a plumbing business called Jacks Plumbing - jacksplumbing.com was definitely taken, so was jacksplumbing.co.za and .net etc. so poor old Jack would have to do something like jacksplumbing-service.com to secure a domain.

While there is nothing wrong with that solution, it's long and unwieldy and people can misspell the name quite easily. Imagine trying to remember a long winded complicated domain name or worse the email address. With the new domain names realeased, ICANN have solved these problems in one go! Jack can choose between literally hundreds of combinations like:

  • jacks.PLUMBING
  • jacksplumbing.COMPANY
  • jacksplumbing.SERVICES
  • jacksplumbing.CAPETOWN
  • jacksplumbing.SUPPLIES
  • etc....

Industry Specific Domains Now Available

For the first time there are now going to be hundreds of industry specific domains available. As soon as new domains are released you'll be able to register your new domain with Red Hippo. As of the writing of this article the following new industry specific domains are already available on Red Hippo:

  • agency
  • bike
  • boutique
  • build
  • builders
  • careers
  • clothing
  • club
  • coffee
  • company
  • computers
  • construction
  • contractors
  • florist
  • gallery
  • gift
  • holdings
  • management
  • marketing
  • plumbing
  • solutions
  • training
  • catering
  • events
  • partners
  • trade
  • credit
  • fitness
  • fund
  • parts
  • media
  • tax
  • services
  • university
  • church
  • associates
  • accountants
  • healthcare
  • laywer
  • and hundreds more...

The choice is vast with thousands of combinations available. Now you can find the right domain name for your business.

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