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New dotCities gTLD's Coming - .joburg .capetown .durban

New Dotcities Gtld Coming Dotjoburg Dotcapetown Dotdurban

New dotCities gTLD's Coming - .joburg .capetown .durban

Last Updated on: July 3rd 2014
Posted on: 3rd July 2014 | Category: No Comments

New dotCities gTLD's Coming - dotjoburg dotcapetown dotdurban

The brand spanking new dotCities gTLD's dotjoburg dotcapetown dotdurban will be available for Landrush and Sunrise Applications very soon. And General Availability after that.

Stake your claim on the hottest new TLD's to hit South Africa in years. Anyone with a presence in any of these cities will benefit. Imagine having your business or business branch on a .joburg or .capetown or .durban domain?!

Landrush and Sunrise Explained


A Sunrise application is a domain name application that is based on a validated priority right, such as a trade mark, business or company name etc. At the conclusion of the launch phase, Sunrise applications will be allocated before Landrush applications. Priority rights must first be validated in the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) or the localised Mark Validation System (MVS) before an applicant can submit a Sunrise application. Please note that priority allocation will be given to domain applications based on trade marks registered in South Africa (for the ZAdotCity names) and in Africa (for the dotAfrica TLD). Contention sets will be resolved by means of an internal auction process. Watch our launch videos (ZAdotCities and dotAfrica) for an informative overview of the process.


Landrush Applications during the launch phase, which are not Sunrise applications, are automatically regarded as Landrush applications. Landrush applications usually refer to domain names that are generic and may even be regarded as premium or high value names. If there are multiple competing applications for the same domain name string, those applications will be referred to an internal auction process in order to determine the successful party.

dotAfrica Delayed

As you may be aware, the delegation and launch of the dotAfrica (.africa) TLD has temporarily been suspended by ICANN due an on-going Independent Review Process (IRP) initiated by DCA Trust. Further details on this process, including a status report on the current delegation process, is available at https://www.africainonespace.org/irp

We'll keep you updated with pricing, how to order and when available. Don't wait to secure your dotjoburg dotcapetown dotdurban dotCities gTLD as soon as they are available. Secure your digital turf.

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