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Project Success

How to Run and Effective Project

Please read this Project Management Guide carefully before we begin our project. This will help ensure a smooth awesome experience.
P.S. If anything outlined below is unclear in any way, please reach out and I'll be happy to help.
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1. Use the Project Management System

  • We'll be using the PM (Project Management) system. Effective project management is everyone's job.
  • If you have an issue, use the PM system to create a new task and comment on it. You can then assign it to the relevant person(s) who will then be notified.
  • Don't add seven questions to a single task, this is sure to cause confusion and items will go missing.
  • Each new question gets it's own task to keep it clear and concise. This will ensure each task gets done and is manageable.
  • If a task is marked as completed but you still have an issue you can mark is uncompleted and comment on it making sure the correct people are notified.
  • Take screenshots if you're commenting on a visual aspect on the site. Screenshots go a long way to clarifying the task.

2. Don't use Email

  • Don't email items about the project as it's unproductive. Keeping everything in the project management system will centralise the conversation helping us be much more productive.
  • If you're having a huge issue and finding it difficult to add to the PM system then by all means send an email and I'll integrate it into the project management system.

3. Assign a Single Point of Contact

  • Delegate the responsibility to one person in your organisation to assign tasks in the Project Management system to your team.
  • Red Hippo will assign the task to one person in your organisation, who in turn can then assign it to the correct person to action.

4. Keep People to a Minimum

  • It's important to keep the whole team apprised and the best way to do that is not by adding everyone who needs to be kept abreast of the project developments onto the the project management system.
  • We schedule a weekly call to chat about the project, you can then have internal meetings to keep stakeholders apprised.
  • Project success is maximised with a few key contacts who then disseminate information to the organisation.

5. Submit a Bug Report

We always strive for perfection in our projects but bugs can and do happen, and when they do the best way to deal with them is to submit a bug report as follows:
  1. Use the Project Management system.
  2. Include the browser (and browser version) and operating system (and OS version) used when the bug was found.
  3. Include a link to the page the error was found on.
  4. Include a screenshot if possible.
Please remember not to add multiple issues to a single task as this will cause confusion and may result in the task not being completed correctly. A new issue gets a new task.
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