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How To Setup Domain Hosting In 2 Easy Steps

How To Setup Domain Hosting In 2 Easy Steps

How To Setup Domain Hosting In 2 Easy Steps

Last Updated on: October 7th 2014
Posted on: 7th October 2014 | Category: No Comments

If you're like most people who have a business you, you are looking for domain hosting and possibly a website for your business. You want personalised email. That personalised email must include multiple email accounts so each of your key staff can have an email address. And if those email accounts have web mail access too, all the better. But if you're new to hosting then getting to that point may seem daunting. Rest assured, it's simple to get your domain hosting in no time.

Domain Hosting Explained

I won't go into a lot of depth here for a more details explanation view my How Does Website Hosting Work article. In brief, domain hosting consists of:

  • A domain name - this is the actual website address e.g. www.redhippo.dev.
  • A web hosting account - this is the actual space on a web server to "host" your website and email.

All very simple thus far, and in truth there is nothing complicated about how domain hosting works.

Go House Hunting

Find a reputable good web hosting company. Once you have one you're in business. I'm going to explain the rest of the process as if ordering on Red Hippo but the process should be similar no matter which domain hosting company you choose.

How To Setup Domain Hosting

1) Find the domain name of your choice.

Use our Domain Name Checker tool to find the domain you like. View my How To Choose A Good Domain Name article for advice on what makes a good domain name.

How To Setup Domain Hosting - Step 1

2) Select a hosting account to "host" your domain name.

You can choose this right after finding your domain name. Simply select the hosting account of your choice. Now complete the ordering process.

What Happens Next

Once you've completed the domain hosting ordering process you'll receive emails with instructions. Your new domain hosting account will be immediately accessible through a temporary link you will receive via email. Your emails and hosting will take between 2-48 hours to go live. This going live is called propagation and in my experience hardly ever takes as long as 48 hours. I've seen domain hosting propagate in under 2 hours.

Carefully read your new account emails you receive. They contact all the information you will need to manage your new domain hosting account. You have two primary areas, your Client Area and your Hosting Control Panel that you will have access to. Your client area is where you administer your billing, submit support tickets, and other admin functions for your account. Your hosting control panel (maXpanel) is where all the action takes place.

From your hosting control panel you can:

I want to stress again that you carefully read your new account info email. It will save you time and answer many questions and will help you setup your domain hosting in no time.

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