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Share Your Skills With An Instant Screencast Using Screenr

Share Your Skills With Screenr Instant Screenshots And Videos

Share Your Skills With An Instant Screencast Using Screenr

Last Updated on: June 17th 2014
Posted on: 17th June 2014 | Category: No Comments

Share Your Skills Instantly!

Are you trying to teach someone something? It can get seriously frustrating trying to explain something technical (or something easy for that matter) via text or even over the phone or a mic. Enter Screenr! Now you can record your screen, even adding voice narration while recording your screen and instantly share it.

Record It Instantly

Screenr has to be the easiest way to create short training videos about anything under the sun and instantly share it with the world.

Not convinced? Watch the 1 minute Screenr intro here:

I'll bet after looking at the video your head is buzzing with ideas of how you can utilize Screenr to share your skills. Screenr is a web based recorder which couldn't be easier. That means:

  • No software to install or configure
  • Record on your PC, notebook or MAC
  • Videos play on any device, even smartphones
  • Screenr is absolutely free
  • Oh and what I Love, you can share it on your own website or on YouTube

Share It

Once you have easily created your video you can instantly share it on Screenr or embed it to your own website or even share it on YouTube. The potential uses are limitless e.g.


  • Education
  • Workplace training
  • How-to guides
  • Teaching aids in schools or universities
  • Training staff how to do certain jobs
  • A million and one other uses

Red Hippo will be using Screenr for web hosting how to guides. We'll be covering things like how to get started with your web hosting, setting up your email accounts, how to install your website using WordPress and many other hosting related topics.

For some more ideas on how you can share your skills have a look at this feed on the Screenr website. That video above was embedded into this page by simply pasting the code from the Screenr website into the page and took less than 2 seconds. It really is that easy.

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By Athlone Harris-Compton

I enjoy building websites while having a good coffee. Get in touch and let's chat about how I can help you.

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