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Important Info Concerning Shellshock Vulnerability AKA Bash Bug

Shellshock Aka Bash Bug Information

Important Info Concerning Shellshock Vulnerability AKA Bash Bug

Last Updated on: September 26th 2014
Posted on: 26th September 2014 | Category: No Comments

Earlier this week a widespread security vulnerability was uncovered, affecting the entire internet. Shellshock (also known as Bash Bug and CVE-2014-6271) can affect Unix-based operating systems such as Linux and Mac OS X, allowing hackers to access systems using the bash command-line shell. Because it uses the Bash shell, Shell Shock affects many servers and web-connected products, such as routers, cameras, and personal computers.

After learning about this vulnerability, our systems administrators quickly patched all our shared servers to safeguard them, and then applied the second patch as soon as it became available this morning (Friday 26th September). We pride ourselves on fast action where security is concerned, and this is something we constantly monitor regardless of how small the bug or how much media attention it gets.

What action do I need to take?

If you have a shared web hosting account with Red Hippo, you do not need to worry - your server is patched and secure. No action is needed.

Ongoing Security Monitoring

Please rest assured that Red Hippo is constantly monitoring possible threats. Your security is our intense concern.

Shellshock Bash Bug Info

For more information on the Shellshock Bash Bug and it's ramifications this CNET article is enlightening. This Mashable article along with CNET says the Bash Bug could be bigger than the Heartbleed Bug.

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Bash Bug Free Web Hosting

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