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Web Hosting Help Centre Launches

Web Hosting Help Centre

Web Hosting Help Centre Launches

Last Updated on: December 27th 2014
Posted on: 27th December 2014 | Category: No Comments

Here's a new year's gift, we've just launched our new web hosting help centre, just for you.

Web Hosting Help

Web hosting can be daunting to new users, that's why our help centre was created. We are committed to making it as easy and painless as possible for our clients. To this end we already offer the most user friendly web hosting control panel in the world. Add to this our new web hosting help centre and you have the perfect way to get instant help 24/7.

How It Works

Anyone can visit our Help Centre at anytime to get help with their web hosting. There's a simple interface with categories ranging from Getting Started, Email, Web Hosting, Domains and many more. We will also be adding new web hosting help articles regularly to assist you with new products when launched.

The Help Centre will be a one stop shop similar to our Knowledebase but with expanded and more in-depth help. It's also fully search engine friendly which means it will be fully indexed by all search engines.

Help Centre Features

Simple Interface

We've made it as easy as possible to navigate. All categories are listed covering every product we offer.

Effective Search

The search function is one we're particularly proud of. A search box is conveniently situated on the Help Centre home page or any page in the Help Centre. The search box searches only help centre articles with the keywords you input. Try it out and see how effective it is.

Getting Started Section

Our Getting Started section is perfect for anyone new to web hosting. And the Web Hosting Getting Started Guide has everything you need to quickly and easily make them most of your new web hosting account.

Featured Articles

Our Featured Articles will contain articles we deem important especially for new users.

Most Popular Articles

The most popular articles contains the most view and most voted articles. See what others are reading to help them.

Most Recent Articles

Check this section for the most recent articles and always stay up to date. When we release a new product we'll update this section with articles to help get you started.

We Try Harder

Just one more way we at Red Hippo try harder and go further to help you get the most from your web hosting.

We are committed to making your website a roaring success!

Want to try our world class web hosting?

And if you're hosted elsewhere, we'll even transfer your website and hosting free of charge. Contact us today.

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By Athlone Harris-Compton

I enjoy building websites while having a good coffee. Get in touch and let's chat about how I can help you.

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