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Website Design Questionnaire

Please complete the Website Design Questionnaire

Important: Your response will determine the direction we move in and will help us get a clear understanding of your expectations, your vision and your business or organisation.

Your clear and complete input will be what we use to get a picture of what you want and expect from your website, please be as thorough as possible. This questionnaire will help you to define your goals and us to understand them clearly.

Please add any additional notes at the bottom of this questionnaire.
Website Design Questionnaire

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1. Contact Information

2. Services

e.g. average age, special interests, income level, education level etc.

3. Goals, Concept, Focus, Strategy, and Message

Increase Sales
Increase corporate, brand, product recognition
Reduce customer service calls
Improve internal communications
Increase prospective customer base
Check all applicable
If applicable

4. Style, Design Message, Theme

5. Logo and Corporate Identity

6. Website Maintenance / Comments

Congratulations, you've completed the questionnaire!
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