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Don't pay 10k 20k or even 30k for a website, our website packages are an affordable subscription service from R399 p/m.

Turnkey solutions: pick a design, we build and then launch, the easiest way to launch a website!
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Web Assist - Website Design

No Deposit

You don't pay a deposit, signup below, choose your site design and we build your site.

Month to Month

No long contracts and no risk, it's month-to-month from the start, cancel anytime.

Quick Launch

We're good at what we do. Once we receive your content your site launches in two weeks.

Here are some of the many designs available:

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From a one page website to an online shop and everything in-between, we offer website packages with everything to get your business online. No setup fees, no contracts just simple pricing.
Super-Fast SSD Drives included
Email Accounts included
Updates & Maintenance included
Business Site
10 Page Website
10 Page Website
Online Shop
Basic SEO
Mobile Friendly
40 Email Accounts
Free .CO.ZA Domain
Super-Fast SSD Hosting
1hr Site Updates p/m
Blog / News Section
Contact Form
Monthly Backups*
Free SSL Certificate
Free Redesign Every 3yrs
Our Famous Support
R599 /mo
*Monthly backups included, weekly and daily backups can be added if site is updated more frequently

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I sign a contract?
No contracts or strings, it's strictly month-to-month which means you can cancel anytime with a standard 30-day notice period.

Are backups included?
Yes all packages include Monthly Backups, with daily and weekly backups as optional, we do recommend daily backups for the eCommerce package and any website that has frequent changes. This is to ensure in the case of disaster that the most recent backup can be restored.

Please note: we keep multiple redundant copies of backups on at least 2x separate server locations across the world to ensure your data is as safe as possible. Having said this, we do not guarantee our backup service and offer it as a best effort service, but we do make a supreme effort to keep your data safe and sound.
Can I upgrade my package?
Anytime you wish, you can start our on a smaller package and then upgrade as you need to.
How many products can I sell on the eCommerce package?
There are no restrictions on the amount of products you can sell, so the answer is you can sell an unlimited amount of products. We add your first 10 products and you add the rest.
Can I update my own website and / or online shop?
You most definitely can, in fact we encourage your involvement and have included powerful yet easy to use state of the art tools to enable you to do this. This includes adding unlimited products.
What happens if I already have a website?
No problem, we can do a new site or a redesign of the current site, all the while your current site will still be live. Once you're happy with the new site we'll make the change for you.
How long does it take for a new website?
Depending on the package you choose, we try to get your website out in 2-3 weeks. Once signed up we'll be contacting you for an interview which entails questions about your business and your goals and needs.

Be ready to send us your logo, images and all business related information and material which helps us gain a better understanding of your business.
What about hosting and email accounts?
Our website packages are a turnkey solution, that means hosting is included and email accounts. In fact almost everything you'll need to run your business online.
How long does it take before my website ranks on Google?
Ranking on Google or any other search engine like Bing or Yahoo takes time and this is especially true with a new website. We make sure your site is SEO ready with best practices to ensure site can rank on Google. Getting results quickly is not how organic ranking works and the best solution then would be to chat to us about recommendations.
With the eCommerce package, what payment methods can I offer my customers?
There are various payment options including credit/debit cards, COD, Internet Transfer etc. We'll integrate what best suits your specific needs.
Is an SSL certificate included?
Yes we now offer FREE SSL certificates with all Website Packages including the eCommerce package. This means you can have the green padlock or https:// in the browser bar and inspire confidence with your website visitors.
What delivery options are included in the eCommerce package?
Standard options are included, and if required, advanced delivery options can be added as an additional option to the eCommerce package.
What if I want to use a domain other than a .co.za?
No prob, you're welcome to order any of the other over 400+ domains we offer or you can use your current domain if you already have one.

We offer the .co.za domain free with the package all other domains will be charged additional, but our prices are of the best in the world so don't worry you're still getting an awesome deal.

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