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Why Do You Need A Business Website?

Why Do You Need A Business Website

Why Do You Need A Business Website?

Last Updated on: January 19th 2020
Posted on: 5th June 2014 | Category: No Comments

Why Do You Need A Business Website?

Why Do You Need A Business WebsiteThere is little doubt any longer in most business owner’s minds that they need to have a website for their business. Some are even not quite sure why they need a business website but they have this niggling feeling they need one. Well, they’re right!

You’re Losing Out

As discussed in a previous article titled Does My Business Really Need A Website?, even the smallest of businesses are not only losing out on potential revenue but are actually doing their businesses harm in the long run. Today most people don’t bother with the Yellow Pages or other traditional ways to find out about a business or products. They go straight to the internet searching for what they want on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Why do you need a business website? Forbes magazine blog wrote an interesting article titled “How Small Business Owners Are Wrecking Their Own Changes Of Success” by not having a website.

Moreover ever increasing numbers of buying decisions are made right on the persons mobile phone, tablet or computer before ever seeing the goods or visiting the physical store.

The Early Bird Catches The Worm

What does this mean to you as a business owner? Let me illustrate my point by sharing a story I once heard:

Many years ago the railroad tycoons and railroad companies in the USA dominated nearly all forms of transport and seemed unstoppable. They were growing exponentially, making money hand over fist and people thought they would never be beat. Then along came a new little thing called the motorcar and later on the airplane. At first the railroads took no notice, they were so big and powerful. They failed to see that things were changing, they failed to see the threat. In fact, the writing was already on the wall for the railroad companies and they didn't even see it until it was too late.

Now the story goes that the railroad companies could have gotten in at the grassroots level and invested in these new forms of transport and literally owned them, but they didn't. They saw them as insignificant… and look at where they are today. Air and road travel and transport between them dominate the world and are trillion dollar businesses, leaving rail transport behind.

What can we learn from that story? Time have changed, and are changing, don't let complacency be your businesses downfall. If you want to catch fish, go to where the fish are, don't stay in your old fishing spot because that's what you've always done and it's always worked for you. What's always worked for you before may not work in the future, and given how business has changed, that time has already come. Don't let is pass you by. (Don't despair, read on...)

It’s Never Too Late

The moral of this tale is that it’s never too late! The way business is being conducted today is changing rapidly. The internet has revolutionized business. Your business needs to be where the customers are! You need to get your business, your products, your services in front of your customers, and that’s on the internet! I can’t overstate this point!

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By Athlone Harris-Compton

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