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 A website is a living breathing entity, requiring ongoing updates, monitoring and maintenance. Add to that reliable backups and a myriad other technical considerations. We take care of everything.

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What is Website Management?


A website is not “set and forget” and never think about it again. An analogy would a car that requires weekly refuelling, oil checks. Then there’s ongoing servicing and maintenance.

Our website management is the monitoring and maintenance of your website. Both on the server-side and the development software stack.

Website content updates are included as standard. Uptime monitoring to ensure your website is always up and running. 

Security checks and scans ensure your site is safe for visitors and free from malware.

We ensure your website is working hard for your business 24/7.


Our website management ensures your site stays running in tip-top shape. 

Here are a few of the highlights, with a ton more under the hood.

  1. Hosting included

    Not a paid-addon, but included! Our enterprise-ready hosting on our premium hosting stack.

  2. Daily backups

    Redundancy and peace of mind built-in with daily on-server and off-site backups.

  3. SMTP sending server

    Reliable email sending from your site is extremely important. SMTP sending service included as standard.

  4. Content updates & bug fixes

    Content updates to your site content and bug squashing included.

  5. Monthly updates

    Site software updates, WordPress core updates, plugin updates and theme updates performed each month.

  6. Emergency 24-hour critical updates

    Critical updates are sometimes required, we rapidly attend to these updates.

  7. Quarterly consulting call

    We get on a zoom call and go over your site performance and numbers and prepare for the quarter ahead.

  8. DNS management

    DNS management can be annoying, we take care of it for you.

  9. Software licenses included

    All our standard software and plugin licenses fees are included.

This is our Base website management plan. Need more? Get in touch and let's talk.


  • photo of reviewer Cindy Kennerly from Balance Your Debt

    Cindy Kennerley

    Founder, Balance your Debt

    "THANK YOU SO MUCH from your very happy client.

    "I had no clue about designing a website and I am SO grateful to Athlone as he has been right by my side from start to finish.

  • photo of reviewer Jonathan Lechtman from Event Republic

    Jonathan Lecthman

    CEO, Event Republic

    "Web Assist stands out by prioritizing the best for you.

    "Having collaborated with numerous web developers and designers in the past, I can confidently say that Web Assist stands out by prioritizing the best for you.

  • photo of reviewer Mark Wilkinson from Cape Winelands Airport

    Mark Wilkinson

    Executive Director, Cape Winelands Airport

    "Love working with you guys.

    "Love working with you guys. Professional, efficient, friendly.

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    No skimping on value, even our Base plan is loaded!

    Trusted by hundreds of businesses to keep their websites online and managed.

  • photo of reviewer Jonathan Lechtman from Event Republic

    Jonathan Lecthman

    CEO, Event Republic

    Web Assist has been my guiding light in the confusing world of starting a website. When I had no idea where to begin, their expertise made the process not only easier but also eliminated my stressed and anxious thoughts. Having collaborated with numerous web developers and designers in the past, I can confidently say that Web Assist stands out by prioritizing the best for you. They make creating a website and hosting it a seamless, stress-free experience. Thank you so much for your invaluable support!

    • Website Management (Base)


      Our Base plan, the perfect starting point for serious websites.

      • 1 Wordpress site managed

      • eCommerce (Optional)

      • Hosting included

      • Content updates & bug fixes

      • 5GB NVMe disk space

      • White Glove Onboarding & migration

      • Server-side caching - Redis

      • Server-side object caching - Redis

      • WAF 7G Firewall

      • WordPress hardening

      • Daily backups (local & remote)

      • DNS management

      • Quarterly consulting call

      • Standard Software Licences

      • Global CDN (optional)

      • Free SSL certificate

      • Our famous support

    Frequently asked questions

    Have a question, let's chat about managing your website. We're always happy help and look forward to chatting with you.

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    • Does does “Base” Website Management plan mean?

      Our Base Website Management plan is our starting point for website management. The Base plan is a really good starting point for serious websites, the base or starting point for our website management.

      Most of the features on the base plan can be upgraded and also some services added, to provide an even more robust and comprehensive service, examples below.

      Examples of upgrades to the Base plan would be:

      • Quarterly consulting call to monthly or weekly.
      • Cloud hosting to full dedicated cloud or bare-metal server.
      • Daily backups upgraded to hourly backups.

      Examples of addons to the Base plan would be:

      • eCommerce site management.
      • CDN (Content Delivery Network).
      • Accessibility monitoring and optimisation.
      • Performance monitoring and optimisation.
      • Quarterly technical audits.
      • Custom analytics dashboard.
      • Advanced analytics.
    • What if 5GB disk space is not enough?

      There are not many WordPress sites that require even close to 5GB of disk space. However if you do need more space, additional disk space is available as an addon. Upgrading is seamless and transparent with no downtime to your website.

    • What’s included in your content updates?

      Any content updates you require each month, we do those for you. Need some copy changed, or images, we do those for you with pleasure. Any bugs you or we may find, those are also fixed.

    • Is hosting included?

      Indeed our WordPress optimised cloud hosting is included. We manage it all for you, no need for you to give it another thought.

    • What is a CDN?

      A CDN (Content Delivery Network), a way for a website to serve content speedily, to visitors that are browsing far from where the server is located. E.g. when someone from Europe is browsing a site hosted in South Africa, the site speed may not be optimal. When using a CDN, most of the content is delivered from CDN servers in Europe, must closer to the visitor.

      This improves the visitor experience on your site by delivering content much faster as the place the content is being delivered from is closer to their physical location.

      Fast delivery of content (a page that loads fast), increases conversion rates and a whole host of other important metrics. Conversely a slow page delivery can a severe negative impact to a sites visitor numbers, conversion rates etc.